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An Analog To DICOM Medical Imaging Solution

Xtent An Analog To DICOM Medical Imaging Solution Xtent extends the life of your non digital medical equipment by converting all your medical images to DICOM. Your analog equipments need not be replaced in order to enjoy all the advantages of a fully digital system. Xtent is programmed to acquire & convert Non DICOM Data to DICOM Data, thereby providing a sophisticated Medical Imaging Solution.

Xtent seamlessly integrates with your radiology workflow, streamlining and organizing your imaging center to world class standards. The digital image management feature of Xtent ensures that your patients get accurate and detailed diagnosis much faster.


The main features of Xtent that make it a path-breaking Healthcare Imaging Solution are:

  • Acquire still images, multi frame images and Acquire videos
  • Easy Workflow
  • Inbuilt tools for post processing of images (zoom, pan, tilt, brightness, contrast)
  • Flexible customer reporting with reference images


  • Save cost on upgrading old analog equipment.
  • Improve workflow efficiency
  • Dedicated hardware to ensure optimal performance
  • Seamless PACS connectivity
  • Comprehensive & rapid reporting

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